ANEMGI-ONLUS  Associazione per la NeUroGastroenterologia e la Motilità Gastrointestinale 
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NeUroGastroenterologia 1997 Print E-mail

1997 Vol. 3, N. 1  

  • The intestinal cells of Cajal. A century after their discovery
  • Pudendal neuropathy in fecal and urinary incontinence
  • Colonic constipation after resection of an abnormal aortic aneurysm
  • Role of intestinal neuropeptides in the regulation of inflammation. Possible effect on the pathogenesis of inflammatory bowel diseases

1997 Vol. 3, N. 2  

  • Neuropeptide mediated regulation of gastrointestinal motility in the inflammed gut
  • Controlled clinical trial on the treatment of functional dyspepsia with levosulpiride
  • Rehabilitation approach to the patients with pelvic floor disorders
  • Headache and dysphagia secondary to cranial nerve dysfunction

1997 Vol. 3, N. 3  

  • Constipation and the worry to escape from the intestinal labyrinth
  • Chronic constipation: an electrophysiological study of pelvic floor muscles
  • Inertia colica and autonomic neuropathy. A non-casual association
  • Chronic constipation: real, induced or simulated?

1997 Vol. 3, N. 4  

  • How many forms of chronic functional constipation are there?
  • Propulsive activitiy of distal colon in the rabbit. Synergic interaction between cholinergic muscarinic and NK1, NK2tachykinins excitatory transmission
  • Neurology and neuropathology of the gastrointestinal innervation
  • Intermittent dysphagia concomitant with failure of LES inhibition after solid food swallowing